About Twin Lakes Fitness

Twin Lakes Fitness was founded in 2022 by two long-time fitness enthusiasts and gym-rats Ryan Pisani & Alex Klotz. We look forward to offering an atmosphere in which all individuals feel welcomed, and the club becomes an integrated part of the local community.

We are located at 202 E Main Street, Twin Lakes, WI 53181


Fitness Services

Twin Lakes Fitness is proud to offer the following services to our clients. We look to add more in the coming months after we open, so please inquire with the staff for updates.


Nutritional Coaching

Personalized nutritional guidance to complement your training regime and help you attain your goals. 



Personal Training

Personalized training programs with one on one coaching to push you to your goals. 


Interested in personal training?

Book a consultation using the buttons below.

Standard Memberships


One time billed for a specific length of time. Typically 12 months or more, and have family options available as well. Offers lowest per-month cost.


Variable length memberships, prices vary depending on term of commitment. 12 months or more offers the lowest rates.

Visit Packs

No commitments, good for a set number of visits. Come in 3, 5, and 10 day visit packs, and are good for 3 to 6 months. Per-visit these are the most expensive option.

  • 12 month pre-paid, and 12 month or longer memberships with commitment are expandable to include another family member for $25.00/month.
  • Club access is provided by our software's member portal phone application, which is downloadable at the time of enrollment.
  • A physical key fob can be requested for an additional fee of $10.00 per-member.
Name Type Length Availbility Sharable Price
"Commitment Isn't My Thing" Monthly 1 Month Everyone No $50.00 / mo
"I Still Live With My Parents" Monthly 1 Month Students (13 - 18) No $25.00 / mo
"I'm Going To Crush This" Yearly 12 Months Everyone Yes $42.00 / mo
"You Best Respect Your Elders" Yearly 12 Months Seniors (60+) Yes $34.00 / mo
* Pre-Paid Yearly 12 Months Seniors (60+) Yes $384 ($32 / mo)
"Shut Up & Take My Money" Pre-Paid Yearly 12 Months Everyone Yes $456 ($38 / mo)
"I'm Here For The Weekend" Visit Pack 3 Days Everyone No $24
"I'm Staying At The Lake House" Visit Pack 5 Days Everyone No $30
"I'm In Town On Business" Visit Pack 10 Days Everyone No $50

*For memberships with 3 or more family members, and those that would like to use one of the supported insurance programs; please visit the club during staffed office hours. 

We are proud to participate in the following insurance programs. Please stop in during stafffed hours to enroll.


Staffed Hours (effective 2/12/2024)


8AM- 12PM

4PM - 8PM


4PM - 6PM


10AM- 2PM

4PM - 7PM


10AM - 2PM


8AM- 12PM

4PM - 7PM


10AM - 12PM



Members Testimonials

Having just moved into the area I was a little worried when I found out Snap would be leaving. Luckily the transition to Twin Lake Fitness has been great. Ryan and the rest of the team has made the transition seamless. The expansion and addition of equipment has been a big improvement over the old Snap. Hopefully Twin Lakes Fitness will be around for a long time.

In town for the holidays so I was looking for a gym. Bought a 5 day pass and the process couldn’t have been easier via their website. Used their app to get into the gym via my cell phone. The gym was CLEAN, which is highly uncommon for local gyms in my experience. Has everything you need to get in a great workout.


Randy L
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Eric K
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